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Let us handle your IT needs so you can focus on your business!

  • Netwatch Premium
  • Netwatch Essentials
  • Netwatch Foundation

Our Netwatch Premium Managed Service Plan was created to help you run your business more efficiently. Utilizing our comprehensive suite of services, we proactively monitor and manage your IT operations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Get all the benefits of an internal IT staff for a fraction of the cost of staffing one yourself. The Netwatch Premium plan reduces the business impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence, and any unforeseen issues are dealt with as a top priority.

With Netwatch Premium, we form a partnership with you; we become your IT department. Contact us today to learn more about the plans and see how we can give you total peace of mind concerning your IT operations.

Greater Cost Predictability

The Netwatch Premium plan will provide you with a single monthly price for all of your IT needs, providing a predictable figure for maintaining your business’s network.

Increased Staff Productivity

With best-in-class monitoring and proactive maintenance and response increasing your systems’ uptime, Netwatch Premium allows your employees to focus on the important tasks they are responsible for each day.

Stronger Alignment of IT with Business Goals

Our years of experience supporting small and medium businesses will help focus your IT budget and processes to meet the critical goals and direction of your business.

Dedicated Experienced Support Team

A dedicated team of technicians and engineers will be assigned to your business, providing the skills and coverage most small and medium size businesses can not afford to employ.

Our Netwatch Essentials Managed Service Plan is designed to give you, as the business owner, the ability to decide when and how to address IT issues as they manifest. With a customized selection of our individual managed service offerings, you decide what’s most important to your business needs.

Get access to a dedicated, experienced support team to address your IT needs for a fraction of the cost of staffing one yourself. The Netwatch Essentials plan lowers your total IT costs while allowing you to maintain control of IT decisions and processes.

With Netwatch Essentials, we form a partnership with you; we become your IT department. Contact us today to learn more about the plans and see how we can give you total peace of mind concerning your IT operations.

Lower Total IT Costs

The Netwatch Essentials plan allows for blocks of support hours to be purchased at a significant discount; combined with the considerable skills and efficiency of our experienced support staff, your business will benefit by seeing lower costs.

Control IT Decisions and Processes

This plan is designed to allow the business decision maker to control when and how IT issues are handled, providing the ability to manage IT expenditures.

Peace of Mind

With a dedicated team of support technicians and engineers, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be there to handle all of your IT issues promptly and professionally.

Our Netwatch Foundation Managed Service Plan provides your small business with a dependable, hosted infrastructure, including file sharing services, email, office productivity software, and directory services. Enjoy the peace of mind you get from allowing us to manage your IT operations while you focus on your core business.

Reap the benefits of not being required to purchase and maintain an IT infrastructure, such as reduced hidden costs and increased staff productivity. The Netwatch Foundation plan simplifies your business operations and provides greater cost predictability.

With Netwatch Foundation, we form a partnership with you; we become your IT staff. Contact us today to learn more about the plans and see how we can give you total peace of mind concerning your IT operations.

Dependable IT Infrastructure

The Netwatch Foundation plan builds a cloud-based network for your business, providing resilient services so you don’t have to worry about downtime during critical business hours.

Reduced Hidden Costs

With a predictable monthly price, Netwatch Foundation allows you to budget for your IT needs and focus on growing your business.

Individual Service Offerings

Netwatch Endpoint Protection

Protects you from the constant barrage of network threats with up-to-date coverage of your systems. Prevents these threats from robbing you of your valuable system uptime and employee productivity.

Netwatch Email Security

Handles junk mail filtering for incoming email, helping to prevent potential threats before they’ve entered your environment and reducing the amount of time you spend weeding through your inbox.

Netwatch Patch Management

Delivers the automatic patching of Windows and select 3rd party applications. Ensuring your systems are up-to-date is one of the most important aspects to preventing downtime or loss of confidential data due to malicious software infections or intrusions..

Netwatch Vision

Provides “always-on” monitoring of your network systems with the capability of detailed and comprehensive alerting to allow notification and remediation before a potential issue causes downtime. Relevant reporting allows you to see a snapshot of your network to assist in making those important business decisions.

Netwatch Workspaces

Cloud-based business file sharing and sync delivers the ability to share files with anyone, anywhere from workstations utilizing standard web browsers or mobile devices with native apps.

Netwatch Vault Data Protection Backup & Disaster Recovery

Daily backup of your critical business data to our local secure data center. Provides the ability to spin up virtual instances of your backed-up systems from a remote location in the event of a disaster, allowing remote access to those systems so that you can continue to run your business.

Managed WiFi

Provides wireless networking as a service, allowing you to implement wireless access while we make sure it’s available and working optimally with industry best practices.

Managed Firewall

Provides a network firewall as a service, allowing secure outbound and inbound access at your network without the need to pay the upfront costs for hardware and management.

Web Hosting

Utilize our secure infrastructure to provide access to your web site. Let us take care of making your site highly available to all your current and potential clients.

Email Hosting

Let us provide your e-mail access with a modern and professional solution.

DNS Hosting

Take advantage of our highly available infrastructure to provide access to your DNS services, making sure you and your clients are always able to access your online presence.

Domain Management

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Providing your business with the expertise to excel!

  • Project Management
  • Network Administration

Area-Wide Technologies prides itself on the ability to design, scope, deploy and implement, and support and maintain a wide range of projects: forklift infrastructure upgrades, server and desktop virtualization, platform migrations, emergency network disruptions, etc.

Design And Scope

Our skilled and highly certified engineers can design a solution to meet your business need and produce a detailed scope of work needed to complete any project, so you will know ahead of time what to expect at any point and be confident when the project is complete.

Deployment And Implementation

The deployment and implementation of your project will be lead by one of our experienced Project Managers, who will skillfully ensure successful completion of your project while providing you with status updates through out the course of the project.

Support And Maintenance

Once the project has been successfully completed, we are available to continue assisting with or supporting and maintaining the implemented systems.

Our comprehensive technical staff is available to provide assistance with all of your network and system administration needs, from helping determine best practices for security and how best to implement those practices to assisting with roll out and troubleshooting of new applications and services.


Whatever your support need, we have you covered!

Hourly Support

Our basic level of support for clients who prefer pay-as-you-go; support provided in 15 minute increments with minimums depending on type of support.


GRTA (Guaranteed Response Time Agreement) is a pre-paid block of hours that provide a discounted rate and include a 24 hour guaranteed response time to your IT needs.

Supplemental IT

Custom packages enabling our support staff the ability to augment your current IT personnel.

IT Outsourcing

Custom packages to provide services such as onsite or remote help desk and network transitions.

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